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Get healthy, sexy and strong !
Join other women in reaching your dream body!
This 9 week challenge is open to 30 women only !
Welcome to Real Life, Dream Body

Hi there! My name is Coach Gambit and I'm the creator of the Real Life, Dream Body coaching program where I help busy people just like you get an amazing transformation, be as healthy as ever and look and feel sexy!

If you follow my 9 week fat loss system as outlined,
you will get results. Period.

Sincerely, Coach Gambit

"I've had other coaches in the past but no one compares to this guy. He helped me lose 20 lbs and get toned!"
Megan Palmeri
Carmie no longer needs to see a chiropractor and saves $200 a month now
In 9 weeks, you will get your best body
I've been in the fitness industry for years and know what works and what's bull; What's a fad and what remains true and effective. What I put together is the quickest fat loss transformation program but this ain't your mama's workout. It is hard work but is VERY gratifying and I will coach you through. I don't do well with excuses or people that blame others and don't take responsibility. If you're not ready to FINALLY change your body, this isn't for you. If you are, keep reading.
A little more about me

This was me in my younger years. I was dorky and scrawny but I loved myself. I loved my personality, I loved how eccentric I was and I loved how I was very funny and a class clown, literally a firecracker. However, something I did struggle with was my outer appearance/confidence speaking with girls. Coming from a family where my dad was a football team captain, my uncle a basketball team captain and had brothers who also played football, I was the odd one out. I also had an irrational fear of rejection where even when interested in a female, I held my tongue and never put myself out there because I didn't know what to expect. I felt as if hearing a "no" to my face wasn't worth it, no matter how happy someone could've made me. I wasn't overweight but I didn't by any means have muscle or visible abs and even though I loved who I was, I had very low confidence when speaking to girls and that inhibited many opportunities. Instead of football, I ran track but there aren't too many muscular track athletes out there. Eventually, I picked up my first weight set and when I began seeing results, I committed to making a complete lifestyle change because I wanted to be happy finally. I wanted to stop living in fear.

This is me present day !

After I committed to changing my life and making that decision I wanted to change, I buckled down and started studying with mentors, trainers and experts to become a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and health and wellness coach. I am continuously sharpening my skills to be able to provide not only myself, but my clients with the most cutting edge, effective workouts so they can see the best results FAST. I figured out the code, became an expert in my field and love sharing the light. If I can make this change, YOU can make this change and I am right there to help you through every step of this journey.

Transforming my body changed me inside and out and I want to give you that opportunity.

I'm ready to coach YOU to achieve your own awesome transformation
I've opened up another round of Real Life, Dream Body coaching and I want to coach YOU for the next 9 weeks
Think you're up for the Real Life, Dream Body premium coaching program? Here's what's required from you
  • Commit to the full 9 weeks with NO EXCUSES
  • Follow the meal plan
  • Work out daily, sometimes more than once a day(all from home)
  • Keep a daily food and workout journal(I'll provide the platform)
  • Share weekly progress photos with me
  • Keep at it when it gets tough- I'll be here to support you!
  • Book a professional photo shoot for the end of the program
  • Allow me to use your photos to demonstrate the amazing results you've achieved
I only want those who are TRULY committed
If you join and quit before the end, it takes away a chance for someone who is really ready to turn their life around like Krista, a mother of 3 who went from a size 8 to a size 2.
Here's what you get with my coaching!
  • Workouts- You'll get a full 9 weeks of fat burning workouts that will also have you building lean sexy muscle at the same time. These workouts are designed for you to transform your body quickly and include the latest cutting edge scientifically proven training techniques to lose fat rapidly. 
  • Meal Plans- You'll receive a Fat-Burning Meal Plan, including lists of approved foods and sample meals. This includes the exact Carb Rotation protocol to help you melt fat even faster.
  • Recipe Book- Trying to figure out what to eat so you don't get bored with your meals? Or maybe you just need some quick and simple recipes to follow. No problem, we've got you covered with our recipes, included in the program.
  • Video Library- Sometimes it's hard to figure out exactly how to do an exercise just by seeing pictures of them. I'll affix videos of each exercise so you'll be able to watch the videos online and know how to perform the movement.
  • Food and Workout Journal- Accountability may be the #1 factor between being successful on a fat loss program and failing one. I'll provide you with an online food and workout journal platform with personalized feedback to help you stay on track with your meals and exercise.
  • Private Support Group- The KEY in determining if you succeed in my program. I'll invite you to a private Facebook support group, exclusively for other women doing the 9-week challenge with you. I'll coach you, answer questions daily and provide value by addressing popular questions and concerns for all to see and learn from. Everyone can empathize with each other and offer the support they need to breakthrough when the tough gets going.
  • 24/7 Access to your personal coach- You get 24/7 access to me as I will be your own personal fitness transformation coach. I'll work hand in hand throughout your entire transformation. We'll also have weekly check-in sessions to set you up with a strategy for the upcoming week.
What are you waiting for? 
Join women JUST LIKE YOU
The doctor took Angela off her medication for metabolic syndrome and her blood pressure improved!
Becky's cholesterol has gotten down to 171, the lowest its been in 30 years!
Ready to change your life?
I look forward to working with you!
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